True germany saga

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True germany Saga.
Volume 1
The true history of Germany's origins

Back to the roots - the beginnings of a uniquely peaceful people of Semitic origin, loved as a big brother by its Semitic neighbours and named as

"open and honest": "Diu-tisk" German
The ancient world: 1841 B.C. - 841 B.C.


From Др. Ульрих Христианович.

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"The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and malign their own understanding of history."
George Orwell

What the Germans must not know under any circumstances:


The Germans are a 3800-year-old cultural people of Semitic origin,

thus, 1000 years older than the Roman Empire.


Of the surrounding peoples, the first Germans were given the name Haqu-Shashu; not least because their lives were full of deprivation and characterized by hard work. For this they had extensive freedom and lived in peace and were therefore highly respected.

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